26 March 2011

Introducing...My Agent

Anyone as shy as I am who is going to be successful at dating in an utterly domestic, monogamous, sterile environment such as Million Maples, CA is going to need a Dating Agent.

I came about my Agent in a rather unusual way. But then again I am a rather unusual person. It used to bother me when people called me weird. High school insecurity. Now I take it as the compliment that it is.

My Agent passed every initial screening. I could not stump him no matter how hard I tried. He was clever, funny and eager to do a good job. He was responsive, creative and met his deadlines. On the qualitative front he offered professional friendship and advice. I hired him before I even developed the job description. That’s one of my carryover best practices from marriage: diving in without thinking.

“What the hell is a Dating Agent?” you may ask. Well, in an effort to avoid the obvious, it is a person strictly dedicated to helping me date. Yes, I need help. I’m not perfect.

So hire an Agent yourself if you need improvement. It’s working for me.

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