31 December 2011

New Year's Date

Besides wishing for the standard love, peace and hap-penis, I have a New Year’s resolution. I’m going to go on more dates than last year! That should bring my ambitious dating quota to 3. And I’m talking Man-dates.
Don’t let my low dating numbers fool you. I’m perfectly dateable. Really smart, really cute, really desirable, good family, not materialistic, savvy with money, athletic (some would say “skinny”), fun yet serious, employable but not employed, experienced with kids and adults and cats but not dogs – what’s not to love?

Could it be the tattoo on my forehead that says, “Divorced! I’ve been rejected! Now I’m hurt and vulnerable! Don’t you fuck with me!” ? I should really have that tattoo removed. Then maybe I could go into bars without men scrambling under their barstools and stooling in general.

Last year I spent the fateful NYE at home, fireside, computer on lap, alternating between legal briefs (no, I’m not in law school, and it wasn't underwear briefs), final fake flirtations with wasbund (who shortly thereafter wholeheartedly ditched me to quickly cohabitate with my old crusty colleague), and simultaneously wondering why Knives didn’t want to spend time with me (being my “boyfriend” and all), yet he went to a party with acquaintances he hadn’t seen in 10 years. I felt truly special and loved.

Seriously though, besides 3 dates, I have a couple sub-NY-resolutions:
·         I want to be the best person I can be. Wait...that’s way too broad.
·         Forget getting in shape. I already am.
Don't get burned in love!
·         Being a good mother and not pulling all my hair out in one day, or anyone else’s?

My son suggested no more wet farts during dinner. For himself, that is.

How about - go to the beach, read and drink a glass of wine every day?
Wine is good for the heart.
I have a really nice, big one of those. Try it.

What about yours?

25 December 2011


I think the hardest thing about being divorced is the holidays. What? You thought holidays were already stressful? Oh no, my dear friend. You haven’t the faintest idea.

So your kids - YOUR kids - wake up on Christmas morning in another woman’s house. Her “Santa” traditions are impatiently explained to your confused children. Lavish, expensive gifts replace good ol’ fashioned parenting and intact families.

Your relatives are over 3000 miles away. And you are court-ordered not to travel out of state. So you spend Christmas Eve alone, hearing the loud, annoying clink-clink of wasbund and Botox Beotch’s dinner party toast, all the while trying not to wish too hard that your boyfriend will leave his wife.

Sound fun yet? It gets better.

There's a gaping hole in my life
Custody exchanges take place at McDonalds, in the pouring rain, 2 hours late. The police are called, and AAA has to jump start your car, which has died while you are waiting. The kids are hungry and haven’t eaten. You thought wasbund was a cook? Not anymore. It’s McDonald’s drive-thru for Christmas dinner!

Grave times
So if you thought your holidays were a wee bit stressful, crowds at the mall a bit too much, cooking taking all your time – have a go with me. I’ll trade places with you ANYTIME.

Hap Pee Holidates to you, too.

15 November 2011

DTR Date

Date with the devil?
Problems can be masked!
I had lunch with my friend L and she introduced me to DTR. Don’t get all skittish about acronyms now. This is no corporate acronym crap. DTR stands for – Define The Relationship. Apparently, when you’ve been sleeping in the same bed or doing dishes together or carpooling to work or sharing a pet or exercising together, or whatever, there comes a time you’re supposed to “define” things. Then we all know where we stand. Or don’t.

I was intrigued. Don’t men hate when women pin them down? Aren’t relationships fun when they’re undefined, and as soon as there are expectations, accountability, responsibility, house payments, etc. the fun comes to a grinding, screeching halt? Isn’t that how dating men think?

Well, maybe not. I was DTR’d. I’d been merrily dating along, footloose and fancyfree, when this guy wanted to know details. Were we dating exclusively? Did I love anyone else? Could he have his wife, and eat me too?

All somewhat difficult philosophical questions.

Yes, I was willing to give this guy my best try. After all, he gave me knives after dumping me for my birthday. And I thought that was pretty swell, along with his…personality. Getting DTR’d was exciting! We get to talk about real relationship things! We have to be transparent with our whereabouts! It’s like, caring about someone!

Wish us luck.

02 November 2011

Angel Date

I wear this ankle bracelet that tinkles, like a bell, or a distant windchime, or an Angel’s singing. When I wear it, magic follows me. And I kinda float. (I get this same floaty feeling when I’ve had just the right amount of coffee.)

If I’d had too much coffee, the tinkling starts to sound like a dog’s collar, and I panic and think a dog is chasing me. I glance around furtively seeking an escape.

But on this Date, the tinkling was just right.

One thing about being re-singled and alone is that I am no longer hiding from strangers. In fact, every encounter holds opportunity. Intimacy comes in many forms, and since I certainly didn’t get much in marriage, I’ve discovered it out in the world, in the kindness of strangers.

Like the man I held the door for at the bookstore (after he held the door for me). I called it “payback.”

His comment to me was “You’re just like an Angel.” Tinkle, tinkle went the ankle bracelet.

A comment like that can make me feel really good. Thank you to the nice strangers, who on my crappy beaten-down by divorce and not dating days, help remind me…I’m an Angel.

Now, wanna date?

20 October 2011

Trial Date

There are no winners in divorce, only degrees of losing. Over the last 14 months of turmoil and sadness, DS lost 50% of her kids, most of her life’s savings, her dignity and often her mind.

If married couples can’t collaborate, divorcing is 100,000,000 times worse.

But there’s one thing I know regardless of the divorce trial’s outcome: while there are no winners – I’ve already won. I’VE WON MY LIFE BACK. 

Rest in peace...finally.

And, now, let the dating begin in earnest!

12 October 2011

Park Date

Date With A Dog

Since I’m having some trouble finding real 1:1 dates with real men, I’ve reverted to the comfortable, neighborhood Park Date. This is an ongoing date that happens every night, in the convenience of my own ‘hood. It is not 1:1 exclusive, but it always promises to be fun. At any given time there is a motley combination of grownups with their “special” canteens, kids, animals and bikes (kids not to be confused with animals).

Last night I was feeling lonely, so I texted a quick pick up line to my old standby, the reliable, dependable Park Dates. Unlike most cheesy dates who play hard-to-get mind games, Park Dates don’t hesitate to jump right in. We all congregated in a matter of minutes.

Friends & pets!
And Jen was swept off her feet. Literally. Now, Jen is married to a very hot firefighter. But he is not the one who swept her away. Jen was innocently walking, holding her little boy when an immense black dog came charging up. You’d think doggie would have the sense to avoid a large object like Jen, but no. He hit her full on behind the knees (she didn’t even see it coming). Jen flew up high and then hit the ground with an immense thud (and she is not a thuddy-type person). Her son flew even higher and echoed the thud in miniature. The neighbors were dumbfounded. It was like a cartoon, but better! Oh...wait. Is Jen HURT?

Dates, if you have too many of them, often seem to end in hurt.  Why is that???

But Jen bounced back. That’s what I like to see in a Park Date. Resilience.

04 October 2011

Getting Married Again - Part 2

I received some feedback on my Getting Married Again blog entry from Fiery Fiona in her Rebuttal. Apparently I’m not being realistic.

Is marriage as an institution realistic? With a divorce rate greater than 50%, it certainly begs the question. People live longer now. That means a lifetime of love and happiness may have to endure 60 years instead of 20. We don’t bear children to help us out with farm chores anymore. Instead, kids require 20 years of self-sacrifice, and are a money-pit that suck the life out of even the most decent marriages. And forget about “growing together over time.” In this era of instant gratification, sticking together through thick and thin is an ancient, lost art.

Despite all this, I have HOPE. Hope that in this great big world, I have a soulmate. Or maybe a few of them lurking in the shadowy corners of foreign countries…where I probably won’t find them.

Fiery Fiona pointed out that marriage can be like creating a fictional character (Lemony Snicket comes to mind, but he already exists) and then trying to fit our real marriage into them.

Instead of deluding ourselves that our prospects will fit our every need, I think we need to institute a pre-test. Agent calls this his standard screening process (SSP) for quality deal breakers (QDBs). Some qualifiers, like narcissists, control-freaks and high-maintenance mates need to be eliminated immediately.

Be warned! Some prospects get really good at faking on the qualifiers until you marry them...then they show you the real thing: beer-guzzling, football-watching, womanizing, lazy-a$$, court-hugging bamboozles!

A new direction
Know the signs and act quickly! We’re getting older and don’t have as much time to waste...

30 September 2011

Breakup Date

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”
~Semisonic, in Closing Time

Even when you know a relationship must end, the actual ending is never easy (at least I like to think that even cruel heartless people suffer too, although they may not show it).

When you are doing the ending, the power is exhilarating, but also a burden - for those of us who are at all compassionate. When the end is done to you, it doesn’t feel so hot. In fact, you might even cry, experience rage, beg for another chance or otherwise vent your feelings.

Whether the breakup is expected or unexpected, it HURTS.

Even more challenging is the “I’m torn” breakup. You may have been putting it off or avoiding the inevitable. You may think it’s possible for change, so you hang in a little longer. Or you may really love, adore and cherish certain things about a person – but other things are just too intolerable.

What makes the scales tip? A new relationship, an affair, kids graduating, death of a parent or a cat, an inheritance, a new job, an epiphany. Something in us breaks and we know we can’t go on the same as before.

You may look for a partner with different characteristics from your narcissistic wasbund or materialistic mate, promising yourself “I’ll never put up with that again.” A new relationship holds promise, until we are reminded that everyone has flaws. It’s just a matter of which flaws you can accept, and live with.

In the end, we are left right back where we started, with ourselves.
Can’t break up with yourself.
Just try to break even.

26 September 2011

Dating Children

When dating, it’s natural to want to put your best foot forward. This means different things to different people. For me, it means getting all dolled up, smoking some dope and buying some condoms. Kidding. An ex-librarian like me cannot be that exciting, you may muse. Suffice it to say I fall somewhere in the middle.

Other people view children as exciting pawns in relationship-building. My children used to play chess, but now they have become chess pieces in someone’s dating game. She is a botox beotch.

This botox beotch (uncapitalized name to signify insignificance) seemed friendly enough (almost too friendly?) when she was pumping me for information about my husband. Now that that’s settled, why not pump the kids too? I call this behavior Dating My Kids With A Disturbing Ulterior Motive In Mind. Most adults can guess what that motive is. If not, stop for a moment and think. Some might call it a biological instinct, which it is…but use caution, please!

My daughter may swoon over the leopard-print manicure you provide her, or the skimpy bikini you buy her to wear in your pool (with her real mother she must wear a rashguard while swimming – you just helped undermine me). My sons may admire your video game collection. Your smelly dog may provide limited entertainment, and your dinners surely rival my cooking, I’m proud to admit – but knock yourself out all you want. You are absolutely nobody. And you always will be. Dating My Children cements your status a rung below Snow White’s wicked stepmother. They wouldn’t even write a fairy tale about you.

Dating My Kids, botox beotch, belies one fundamental principle: you may date them all you want, but you will never be their mother. Stick to your own mussed-up family, your own 2-1/2 kids who are floundering. You can have my husband. Believe me, he’s ALL yours. But get your sticky, stinky, dating claws out of my kids.

As the saying goes, pick up somebody your own size. And the guy you’re picking is as small, and as green with envy, as you are. Check it out.

bb has herself (in) a pickle

16 September 2011

Getting Married Again - Rebuttal

A Response to "Getting Married Again" (blogpost dated 1 September)
by FIERY Fiona

Didn’t we all marry fictional characters the first (or second) time around?? Most of us tried to fit a real character into our fictional idea of what we wanted a marriage, husband or wife to be - that’s usually our first mistake! 

My daughter wants me to get married again so she can be in the wedding - the fantasy of a Prince and Princess - thanks Disney! (Be careful! Disney has a bad habit of killing off the Mother. I still haven’t recovered from watching Bambi when I was little!)

Let’s look at what our next fairytale marriage might look like. OK, OK! We’re All done with the fairytale at this point! Perhaps there’s a marriage that we admire? I think most of us can come up with one of those!  Most of us will look to a couple who has been married for a long time (20+ years?) and admire how they made it there.  Like the couple I ran into one day at the coffee shop on a quiet Sunday morning - not so quiet after my 3 children came barreling in announcing that they want doughnuts and hot chocolate to anyone who could help them. The couple could not have looked more content sitting on the couch reading the Sunday paper and enjoying their coffee together (no conversation necessary anymore). The only thing better may have been staying in bed together enjoying that paper and first cup of coffee. They smiled at my energetic children and then at me and reassured me that they’ve been there too and it will fly by...so enjoy! Ahhh……the joy of knowing that you made through the first 20 years of marriage and parenthood and came out the other side still together!!

Sure they still have those idiosyncrasies that drive each other crazy - how many times did you have to turn the toilet paper roll around the right way, pick up the dirty clothes next to the laundry hamper or take the empty coffee cups out of the car?? After 20+ years, those idiosyncrasies don’t change or go away, but at some point they become part of that person and part of what you learn to love and appreciate about them.  Those of us who are divorced never came out the other side of that marriage where you learned to love and appreciate each other with all of our faults - and we all have plenty of them!! 

For those of us who are divorced and contemplating whether getting married again is even something that we want, the hurdles can be even more insurmountable than the first (or second) time around. Can you actually trust someone again to “love, honor, respect, protect, obey…”?  The challenge of raising children and step-children together can be more challenging than raising your own children together. Then there are also the unmentionable ex-spouses that never really go away...and as much as we all try to live in an amicable relationship with them, they will always have that special ability to take a perfectly pleasant day and turn it sour with the drop of one quick comment - just because they can. How many different relationships do you really want to try to juggle?? Then again, someone has to keep our beloved therapists in practice!!

In the end though, we all want that one special fictional character to become reality. We want to grow together and enjoy life with someone special so that all those challenges along the way don’t seem so insurmountable. So whoever your fictional character may be - Prince Charming, Cinderella, Mr. Cocoa, or Lemony Snicket - we’ve all created someone that we are looking for to enjoy life with!

17 August 2011

Date With Myself

Now, now, don’t get the wrong idea here.

With the end of married life as I once knew it nearing a year in rearview, I decided it’s time to get myself together. Get together with none other than myself.

That means - now that the shock, disbelief, horror and misery of drop-the-bomb-divorce are wearing off – I can enjoy my own company again. And I’m pretty darn fun!

A restorative getaway always helps put tragedy into perspective. Peace, calm, quiet, love, lobster and ice cream. That’s about all I need to get my bearings again. And real family members who never ever give up on me like my divorce family did.

It’s really sweet and savory to love your own good company.

14 August 2011

Booked This Date

By no means traditional (I have a belly-button pierce and toe rings!), I’d still be hard-pressed to ask someone out on a date. I’m shy that way. But in this case I could not let the opportunity pass me by. I guess when you really want something you make the effort…right?

I wanted a date with this author. Forget Hollywood celebs, forget professional sports figures…the real heroes of this world are authors. Authors spread knowledge. And after reading Happily Ever After Divorce by Jessica Bram, I knew I simply had to meet her…so I did not hesitate to ask her out.

Some people balk at e-mail when you want to get to know someone, but if you know anything about me, you know I loathe phone calls. (Really, it’s just hard to hear on my tiny cell phone.) So I wrote Jessica an e-mail and she answered! The first sign of a promising date is they communicate, and make time for you.

We agreed to meet at a bookstore cafĂ© (perfect!) for coffee. She was as upbeat and as interesting as her book and blog. As memoirs often do, Happily Ever After Divorce filled all kinds of gaps in my own story. After all, what’s life without the human experience and someone to relate to?

Happily Ever After Divorce is matter-of-fact and not fru-fru, with just the right dose of reality, humor and bravery. Yes, bravery. It takes insurmountable courage and strength to raise 3 kids on your own, while fending off legal bullets. We had common ground (also known as chemistry in the dating world). Jessica has some inspiring stories, ranging from dating disasters to home fix-it fiascos to travel tales. All told in a way that helped me realize that although divorce – or “re-singled” as she would rather call it - is a harrowing experience, the world keeps right on spinning, and at some point, you need to jump back on. And you’d be amazed at how high you can jump.

Writing is a GIFT to the world. By sharing her story with candor, Jessica risked letting others into her reality. Now she has a successful business conducting creative writing workshops and helping others pen their amazing stories.

Asking her out on a date was…worth every word.

12 August 2011

Delayed Date

It’s not often that a date comes calling 20 years later. But I guess I made an impression.

In 1991 or so, we went on a Rock Climbing Date. Imagine the trust involved on a first date, to let a guy strap me into a harness and dangle me by a thread from a very, very tall cliff. Before I got banged around by life, it was much easier to let go with blind trust and reckless abandon. What I remember most about that Date is how sore my fingers were afterwards…I never knew I had that many muscles in my fingers! That stayed with me.

Thanks to the infinite power of reconnecting technologies, Rock Climbing Date tracked me down. He casually mentioned he had something for me, something he’d been carrying around for 20 years or so, waiting for the chance to give it to me. I was intrigued.

We live 3000 miles apart, but I just happened to be passing through his neighborhood. I texted him and within 20 minutes, he appeared, bearing the mysterious, old gift. He walked into the bagel shop practically hidden by the gift he was holding.

It was a big, framed photo of me scaling that cliff, oh-so-long-ago, in practically a different lifetime, when everything was new and nothing was scary, and I was invincible. It was me, with a slightly younger face, in the same body, smiling triumphantly while clinging onto that rock-faced cliff for dear life.

I’m not the huggy-huggy type at all, but I sprung out of my chair to envelop Rock Climbing Date in a spontaneous squeezy hug, framed photo and all, for his incredible long-term thoughtfulness.

I’m still smiling triumphantly, while clinging on for dear life. And now I have the picture to prove it.

10 August 2011

Double DS on Wheels

A bad date can be like buying a used car. Haggling, pressure and cheesy are a few adjectives that spring to mind. I think I’d even rather subject myself to a used car salesman than submit to another woeful date.

So, that’s what I did. Except this was no ordinary used car deal. First, the salespeople, who happen to be excellent, casually mentioned they were selling a used Vespa. What?!?! I have only wanted a Vespa for the last 20 years. Talk about delayed gratification. 
Woo hoo!
And now that I’m swingle, it’s time to ditch the minivan. Besides being anything but a date magnet, the minivan is not mini, and sends an invalid message. ‘I love carpools!’ ‘My kids leave lollipops stuck to the upholstery!’ ‘I can’t stop listening to Schoolhouse Rock songs!’

And it didn’t help that I had the “family of five” silhouette sticker on the mini’s rear window – Dad, Mom, kid 1, kid 2 and kid 3 all holding hands. Without delay I peeled Dad off. Now I have an off-center decal with a single Mom dragging 3 kids in tow, while being chased by phantom leftover eyes and a stray belly button. If only life were that simple.

I still have the van for those select dates where a bus-like vehicle is required. But the Vespa is way cool! I can ride it in a dress and sandals. There’s a little hook for my single-lady bag of groceries. It uses about 1/70th of the minivan’s gas, which will save me approximately $3,000 a year...if I did the math correctly.

I promised I wouldn’t do any DSing while driving. Most of you parents will know exactly what DSing is. And for those who don’t, consider DSing a video form of Dating Suburban. That could be dangerous.

It’s cute and shiny. It’s zippy and classy. It’s hip and fun to ride. Kinda like me.

03 August 2011

Anniversary Date?

Since I won’t be celebrating my wedding anniversary any more, I need a new date to celebrate. Even though I don’t live in Europe (yet), I’ll look for any excuse for a holiday, fiesta or long weekend. Plus, what better way to pave over an unpleasant memory than to create a new, happier one?

I got the idea after going out to dinner with my parents for their 48th anniversary. Yes, some people actually do make it that long. With a dash of commitment, a sprinkle of collaboration and lots of communication it is actually possible to stay married. Marriage - otherwise known as the Endless Date. (Our dinner at Caiola’s was so utterly delish; I sure wish that date was endless.)

So I’m trying to decide whether to celebrate August 18th 2010, the day I discovered my wasbund had been secretly plotting for years with his female entourage on how to end our marriage, OR October 20th, 2011, the date my divorce will hopefully become final.

Divorce Freedom from oppression is both an ending and a beginning. Unlike so many turning points in life which lean one way or the other, divorce straddles a line. The untimely and gruesome death of hoped-for happiness and a relationship filled with sweet promise gone sour – coupled with the renewal, optimism and power for ensuring the second half of my life won’t repeat the same mistakes as the first, and will be truly authentic.

Please VOTE on my new anniversary date, as well as what I should call it. You may leave a “comment” at the bottom of this post with your recommendation.

Date? (this means an annual party, which you will be invited to!):
·         August 18, 2010 or October 20, 2011

Name for the occasion?
·         Re-Singled anniversary
·         Back to Reality anniversary
·         Renewal anniversary (like a good library book!)
·         Headstart to Happiness anniversary
·         Reawakening anniversary
·         Freedom anniversary
·         Second Chance anniversary
·         …something else?

As always, dear readers, I love your input. So let me know what YOU think, and I”ll let you know what we collectively decide!

In any event…HAPPY, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY…and many more!

01 August 2011

Getting Married Again

I am not opposed to getting married again. After all, humans are destined to repeat our mistakes until we get it right.

I told my kids if I get married again – it will be to one of two people: Mr Cocoa or Lemony Snicket.

For those who don’t know, Mr Cocoa is the funniest, cleverest, most eccentric elementary school teacher I’ve ever known.

Lemony Snicket, author of A Series of Unfortunate Events, is the funniest, cleverest, most eccentric author I’ve ever not known. Personally, that is.

What’s that you say, I can’t marry a fictional character?

Aren't ideal husbands fictional?

31 July 2011

Triple Trip Date

Triple dates are starting to become a regular occurrence in my life. This is when my Agent arranges a date for me, and the date doesn’t show up. This is an epic fail, but I’m not sure whether to give the “F” to Agent or the NoShow Dates.

Trip Dates are awesome, and I want them to become more regular occurrences in my life. This is when Dating Suburban (me) takes a trip with someone who may or may not consider the trip a date, even if I do.

And this weekend I got to do both: a Triple Trip Date!!!

Since I am still spinning from the side effects of divorce, trying to fill my time without kids is…surreal. Suddenly I’ve been catapulted back into the singles scene. I have free time. But I feel hopelessly lost when I don’t have the structure of kids who need me. Thankfully other divorced friends know exactly how it feels, and are there to rescue me almost every time. It’s not where I thought I’d be, but I make the best of it. Like Sophie’s Choice (except she drinks herself to death - I'm not quite there yet).

So that’s why Agent, Fiery Fiona and I decided to meet up with K-Bell for a Trip Date, which turned out to be Triple the fun when K-Bell was a NoShow. We chose the best honkey tonk beach town in CA and rented a party house. Unlike vacations with kids, the only amenities we used in the house were 8 wine glasses over the course of the weekend, and the beds. That gives you an idea of where we were headed.

The night was a bit of a blur
 The beach and bar scenes were just like I remembered from 25 years ago. I spent a lot of time in bars in my day, without truly maximizing my enjoyment. This time I threw caution to the wind. First, I went to a bar alone. Self-conscious I did not feel. Agent and Fiery joined me by and by. And Roy and I enjoyed our Pabst kingers, sucked through a straw. We took a brief respite from the bars and passed out on the beach. When we awoke, a beach wedding was in full swing. We debated advising the hopeful bride and groom of what they really had to look forward to, but decided to hold our tongues and let them live the marriage myth, only to find out the truth for themselves. No, we are not cynical or anything. All the while we were waiting, anticipating the arrival of K-Bell.

Prying black gloves
When we finally determined K-Bell wasn’t coming, we let down our hair. Got my bellybutton pierced. Fiery held my hand so I didn’t cry. Played pool with some of the nicest barflies on the planet. A really sweet guy professed his love for me, and in return I danced with his toothless friend. I’d vowed I wouldn’t dance, but then I enjoyed it immensely and even made him sweat. Just when things were getting good and beer-goggled men were showering me with flattery and drinks, Agent and Fiery decided it was bedtime. Abrupt transitions are Agent’s specialty.

So we went home and got some cozy sleep. We could sleep easy once we got final confirmation from NoShow K-Bell that he drove 200 miles toward us, then turned around and went home. Yeah, the dating scene is tough these days. We could even call this Triple Divorcees Trip Out…except between us our divorces exceed the number 3.

So this Triplesome is now seeking my next Trip Date. We promise it will be a frolickin' time…do we have any takers?

18 July 2011

Friends With Benefits!

For single divorced women with kids, dating is really complicated. Schedules, living arrangements – the logistics can be worse than being married. So why not just be really good friends, with benefits? What does this mean, exactly?

I looked up “friends with benefits” on urbandictionary.com because I think I need to learn more about this phenomenon…and there are 37 different definitions. Here’s just some of what Urban Dictionary has to say:

1.       Two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved. Typically two good friends who have casual sex without a monogamous relationship or any kind of commitment.

2.       Friends by day, sex partners by night.

3.       A safe relationship, that mimics a real partnership but is void or greatly lacking jealousy and other such emotions that come with a serious relationship.

4.       When two people are in the stage between friendship and a relationship, often resulting in kissing, etc. Also known as flirtationship.

5.       Girl: "Yeah, you're cool but...I don't really wanna be seen with you. Sorry."
Guy: "Yeah, I just wanna get in your pants without having to do anything for you."

6.       Two friends with a very casual dating relationship. The benefits can be really good, long, flirty conversations; make-out sessions with no commitment; sex without commitment; etc.

7.       Two fairly close, or very close friends have the hots for one another. They do have some sort caring for one another, but it is not one of a romantic couple.

8.       A man and a woman who don't enjoy commitment like to fool around with one another because they find each other attractive.

9.       When two friends want to flirt, touch, hug, and mess around or more without having to commit or wonder if they are dating.

10.    A relationship between an ex-boyfriend and an ex-girlfriend, or people who are into each other without formally dating, where sex is involved, and the woman wants to be a couple again; until the woman realizes that the man is never going to step up and make a commitment - he just wants the romping without the responsibility. Men can usually separate the physical from the emotional; women usually have a harder time of it.

11.    The cause of sexually transmitted diseases. “Yeah I'm friends with benefits with Suzie, Kate, and Jen. Now I have chlamydia and I don't know from who or who I gave it to.”

12.    Two friends that have an attraction to each other but can't be in an official relationship for whatever reason.

13.    A healthy, fun sexual relationship between two people...until one falls for the other and the friendship blows to pieces. And those two people find themselves worse off than they were before.

14.    The benefits are not exclusive, buyer beware!

Sounds wonderful! Just a notch below divorce. Take someone you really like AND find physically attractive. Remove commitment, obligation, jealousy and voila – you have a relationship just about as void of feeling as a dead skinned cat. And I already have one of those, BTW, so I don’t need another one.

However...were I to pursue this option…readers, please vote on which definition you think I should go for! Your opinion counts!

02 July 2011


I always like to be prepared to get out of any sticky situation as quickly as possible, if needed. It’s just in my marriage-turned-divorce that I can’t seem to find the exit.

So, about props and dating. One prop I’ve always been fond of is the engagement ring. The better, the bigger (that’s not a mistake, I say it that way). I love my engagement ring. Maybe even more than I loved my husband, and definitely more than he loved me! But I really can’t wear it anymore. Or shouldn’t anyway. It may be cursed. And, I don’t want to make my dates feel like they are doing something wrong in the eyes of the Catholic church by dating a still-married person. (If my divorce never ends, a lot of people will be dating a still-married person!). But my finger feels naked. And this is not the fun and frolicky kind of naked you think of when you think dating.

However, recently I may have had a change of heart on this subject. While shopping in Target with my daughter (a haven for Dating Moms) we stumbled across the best, most coolest engagement rings, for the low, low sale price of $19.99. That’s right, a man could buy your love for under $20 excluding tax. So I decided to buy myself some love that fine day at Target.

This ring will actually come in handy for dating – to repel or reject potential dates I don’t want – without having to say a thing! All I’ll need to do is flash this handy diamond (maybe is cubic zirconia?) and presto – the date-seekers are gone. Or at least the above-board ones. Some guys only go for the married women – you know who you are.

I noticed during my marriage that flashing the ring worked flawlessly. Or maybe I just looked so haggard, tired and depressed that no sane man wanted to try me. Now that I look young and sprightly again (or maybe I should say feel, not look) I will need this Wonder Twins powered ring. The men that are flocking to me need to be controlled. I will use the ring to stun-gun the bad ones. And I will deftly remove the ring when a desirable date is in the nearby vicinity.

I especially like to dangle my ring-infused hand out the car window, alternately removing and adding the ring as needed while crusin’ the suburban strip.

All propped up and ready to go!
Did I mention I also bought the matching wedding band at Target too – only $19.99!
So in the event you want to marry me, you don’t even have to spend a dime!