03 August 2011

Anniversary Date?

Since I won’t be celebrating my wedding anniversary any more, I need a new date to celebrate. Even though I don’t live in Europe (yet), I’ll look for any excuse for a holiday, fiesta or long weekend. Plus, what better way to pave over an unpleasant memory than to create a new, happier one?

I got the idea after going out to dinner with my parents for their 48th anniversary. Yes, some people actually do make it that long. With a dash of commitment, a sprinkle of collaboration and lots of communication it is actually possible to stay married. Marriage - otherwise known as the Endless Date. (Our dinner at Caiola’s was so utterly delish; I sure wish that date was endless.)

So I’m trying to decide whether to celebrate August 18th 2010, the day I discovered my wasbund had been secretly plotting for years with his female entourage on how to end our marriage, OR October 20th, 2011, the date my divorce will hopefully become final.

Divorce Freedom from oppression is both an ending and a beginning. Unlike so many turning points in life which lean one way or the other, divorce straddles a line. The untimely and gruesome death of hoped-for happiness and a relationship filled with sweet promise gone sour – coupled with the renewal, optimism and power for ensuring the second half of my life won’t repeat the same mistakes as the first, and will be truly authentic.

Please VOTE on my new anniversary date, as well as what I should call it. You may leave a “comment” at the bottom of this post with your recommendation.

Date? (this means an annual party, which you will be invited to!):
·         August 18, 2010 or October 20, 2011

Name for the occasion?
·         Re-Singled anniversary
·         Back to Reality anniversary
·         Renewal anniversary (like a good library book!)
·         Headstart to Happiness anniversary
·         Reawakening anniversary
·         Freedom anniversary
·         Second Chance anniversary
·         …something else?

As always, dear readers, I love your input. So let me know what YOU think, and I”ll let you know what we collectively decide!

In any event…HAPPY, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY…and many more!

1 comment:

  1. Saw this and it made me think of you. Spoken from the lips of a true lady and diva, Zsa Zsa Gabor:

    "I'm an excellent housekeeper. Every time I get a divorce, I keep the house."

    So how about "I got to keep the house-sary"? ; )