31 August 2014

Truth or Date

Would you rather be honest, or daring?
Are they mutually exclusive?

A date I went on was worried about his wife stealing his money in the event of a divorce. He concluded that he would hide his money from his wife while they were married. Then, when he divorced her, he would have his money safely hidden away. She would be poor, and he would be rich.

On our date, I pointed out that if his wife found out about this, she might lose all trust in him. She might then conclude he is lying about other things, whether he is or not. Losing trust creates a tremendous relationship problem. My date paused, not having considered this. “Yeah, maybe lying isn’t the best idea…” he finally decided. “I’ll just give the money to you to hide instead.”

Did you ever think about the unintended consequences?
Of course you didn’t; they were unintended.

13 August 2014

Better Date

In this whole, big, global world, it’s harder to find a mate, because we’re all looking for someone BETTER.

Ordinary isn’t good enough.
Screening for better
Satisfactory is…just that.
Even extraordinary has its drawbacks.
They don’t make ‘em like they used to…they make ‘em better.

So hurry out to your local dealer now, and trade in your used model, for the new better one.
The defects won’t show in the first 6-7 months.

Then, when defects do emerge, as they inevitably do, you can simply upgrade to a better model.

This way, you never have to deal with reality, shortcumings or repairs.
And you’ll feel so much better too!
I’ve been discarding for decades ~ that’s what keeps me alive and Dating Suburban.

You can do better too…for superior results, upgrade today!

01 August 2014

Boots Date

I’m having a love affair with high leather boots. Suede boots are nice too.

So I splurged and bought a few. Matching sets so I appear symmetrical.

The point is – whatever you need to do to feel sexy, do it. You owe it to yourself. Your mate will probably like the sexy you as well.

I got my boots on sale. And I wear them when there’s no snow. That’s sexy too.