02 November 2011

Angel Date

I wear this ankle bracelet that tinkles, like a bell, or a distant windchime, or an Angel’s singing. When I wear it, magic follows me. And I kinda float. (I get this same floaty feeling when I’ve had just the right amount of coffee.)

If I’d had too much coffee, the tinkling starts to sound like a dog’s collar, and I panic and think a dog is chasing me. I glance around furtively seeking an escape.

But on this Date, the tinkling was just right.

One thing about being re-singled and alone is that I am no longer hiding from strangers. In fact, every encounter holds opportunity. Intimacy comes in many forms, and since I certainly didn’t get much in marriage, I’ve discovered it out in the world, in the kindness of strangers.

Like the man I held the door for at the bookstore (after he held the door for me). I called it “payback.”

His comment to me was “You’re just like an Angel.” Tinkle, tinkle went the ankle bracelet.

A comment like that can make me feel really good. Thank you to the nice strangers, who on my crappy beaten-down by divorce and not dating days, help remind me…I’m an Angel.

Now, wanna date?

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