31 July 2011

Triple Trip Date

Triple dates are starting to become a regular occurrence in my life. This is when my Agent arranges a date for me, and the date doesn’t show up. This is an epic fail, but I’m not sure whether to give the “F” to Agent or the NoShow Dates.

Trip Dates are awesome, and I want them to become more regular occurrences in my life. This is when Dating Suburban (me) takes a trip with someone who may or may not consider the trip a date, even if I do.

And this weekend I got to do both: a Triple Trip Date!!!

Since I am still spinning from the side effects of divorce, trying to fill my time without kids is…surreal. Suddenly I’ve been catapulted back into the singles scene. I have free time. But I feel hopelessly lost when I don’t have the structure of kids who need me. Thankfully other divorced friends know exactly how it feels, and are there to rescue me almost every time. It’s not where I thought I’d be, but I make the best of it. Like Sophie’s Choice (except she drinks herself to death - I'm not quite there yet).

So that’s why Agent, Fiery Fiona and I decided to meet up with K-Bell for a Trip Date, which turned out to be Triple the fun when K-Bell was a NoShow. We chose the best honkey tonk beach town in CA and rented a party house. Unlike vacations with kids, the only amenities we used in the house were 8 wine glasses over the course of the weekend, and the beds. That gives you an idea of where we were headed.

The night was a bit of a blur
 The beach and bar scenes were just like I remembered from 25 years ago. I spent a lot of time in bars in my day, without truly maximizing my enjoyment. This time I threw caution to the wind. First, I went to a bar alone. Self-conscious I did not feel. Agent and Fiery joined me by and by. And Roy and I enjoyed our Pabst kingers, sucked through a straw. We took a brief respite from the bars and passed out on the beach. When we awoke, a beach wedding was in full swing. We debated advising the hopeful bride and groom of what they really had to look forward to, but decided to hold our tongues and let them live the marriage myth, only to find out the truth for themselves. No, we are not cynical or anything. All the while we were waiting, anticipating the arrival of K-Bell.

Prying black gloves
When we finally determined K-Bell wasn’t coming, we let down our hair. Got my bellybutton pierced. Fiery held my hand so I didn’t cry. Played pool with some of the nicest barflies on the planet. A really sweet guy professed his love for me, and in return I danced with his toothless friend. I’d vowed I wouldn’t dance, but then I enjoyed it immensely and even made him sweat. Just when things were getting good and beer-goggled men were showering me with flattery and drinks, Agent and Fiery decided it was bedtime. Abrupt transitions are Agent’s specialty.

So we went home and got some cozy sleep. We could sleep easy once we got final confirmation from NoShow K-Bell that he drove 200 miles toward us, then turned around and went home. Yeah, the dating scene is tough these days. We could even call this Triple Divorcees Trip Out…except between us our divorces exceed the number 3.

So this Triplesome is now seeking my next Trip Date. We promise it will be a frolickin' time…do we have any takers?

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