14 February 2011

Dating Suburban Released Into the Wild

After I got married, I never wanted to be single again. Especially in suburbia. With 3 kids. However, my life has deviated from the blueprints. Drastically.

I never planned to be dating at 42. I never planned to have my life’s savings wiped out instantaneously by the legal system. I never planned to have my wages garnished to pay child support to the narcissistic wusband. I never planned to sleep on my bedroom floor for 8 months (it’s actually been good for the back). I never planned to be confined to the state of California, stranded here in McMansionville, when I’m an East Coast girl. I never planned to lose most of my so-called friends, workout partners, social crowd and in-laws in an instant, only to rekindle friendships I like a million times better. I never planned to have my sanity dangling by a thread. Oh, did I mention I have 3 kids? I never planned to shell out $5000 to see my own children for 6 hours on Mother’s Day, instead of for their college tuition.

Disposable marriage, like so many other manufactured items in society today, is no longer built to last. My new philosophy as a single working mother of 3 young children is “enjoy the moment.” Why make plans that are so easily shattered?

Dating provides that necessary and comforting distraction to my otherwise bleak and repetitious days: assembly line meals and homework, laundry folding, dishes, racing to work, racing to soccer practice, racing to grocery store, race driving a minivan, racing to find the aging antidote.

So here I am…Dating Suburban. I have some juicy tales to tell. These tales may make you wish to join me in the suburban dating scene, behind the exciting veil of domesticated suburban single life. Or at the very least my tales will entertain you...while reminding you to be so very thankful for the life you have.

Come, follow me…while I go Dating Suburban.

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