09 September 2017

Pedophile Date

My neighbor's nephew is courting a pedophile. I say "courting" because he's "dating" someone else. 

In typical fashion, Crustaphile the Pedo has seduced him, charmed him, been there to stroke him, and then strikes. His guilt is enormous, but he stays, because it's too dangerous to break away. He's deep into her.

It seems odd that a female would prey on youths this way, when society vilifies males for this behavior. We don't expect it, and don't know what to make of it. 

Wanna pet my doggie?
Barf and bite both bad.

Too late. Her claws have closed around him, she's wound a string around his neck, and he doesn't know he's stopped breathing as she eases him into a narcotic unconsciousness.

Teen dating has its perils, for sure. And it's the step-seductress, dumped by my husband, who's the greatest risk to us all.

Caution, children!

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