03 May 2012

Another Day, Another Date

Just This One Day

Today I woke up with just one thought: I hope I make it through this day. Just this day is all I ask. And then the next one.

I used to have a normal life: a husband, family, career, minivan, stuff. The stuff that supposedly makes us happy. Now I have myself. And I’m happy. It’s just a little harder when the shell of normal life has fallen away.

The best part, besides me, is my friends and family. Not the divorce family, my real family. Not the wasbund that trades you in for a botox beotch family. And my friends are amazing. And my roommate. Some old friends, some new. The ones that stuck around (M, D, S, A, T, J, J, T, J, H, V, T), came back (H, T, M, K, R, H) or emerged (P, M, D, M, H, J, J) – all are awesome.

Yet it’s not friends, family or roommates that are holding me up. It’s Dating. Dating Suburban.

Another day, another Date.

Let’s hope I can make it through this one.

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