25 February 2013

Dating Duhs

It’s rather trying when you have to keep explaining to a date “How To Treat Me 101.” One example is Facebook etiquette, which never ceases to astound me. So, you mean you want to be in a relationship with me, but your Facebook timeline and history is still plastered with pictures of you cheek-to-cheek with your ex? And you don’t have any pictures of me, so you leave the general public to extrapolate?

Now, now, maybe I’m just being superficial (like so many of us California girls are). Who really cares what Facebook tells the world, as long as your heart is true. Or is it?

You say you want to leave your wife, but take absolutely no action.

You say you love me more than ________, but let’s face it, you guys are known to say whatever sounds good in the heat of the moment.

You say, you say, you say.

Don’t say it if you won’t do it. It sounds lame, and it’s just…so…tiring.

Perhaps mother never taught you? Just like tennis, follow-through is everything.

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