17 February 2013

Date Read-ability

A romantic weekend and a good book. Two of my favorite items. But in combination?

Let’s see. A good book is a stand-alone party. Well, maybe not party, but groovin’ entertainment. Reading takes you places. I can get as lost in a book as I can in lovemaking. Reading is that good.

But a romantic weekend! The in-love feelin’, the snuggling, ga-ga eyes, reveling in each other, laughing, napping, feeling like it could never get any better than this. Yeah, we’ve all been there. Then comes Sunday. Time to go home. To reality.

The romantic weekend comes to an abrupt end, but the book is tangible – and we are still holding on to both.

The combination of reading a good book during a romantic weekend brings up some interesting scenarios.
  • Is the Date so boring, so dull, that you must read to pass the time?
  • Is your book so good, so titillating, that it surpasses Date in fantasy potential?
  • Or, perchance, is Date co-reading the same book, so you can alternately pause and discuss? (Now I’ll pause to say that’s my fantasy – but those Dates don’t seem to exist on planet earth).
Giving me the freedom to read!
My Dating Friend, who amazes and dazzles me constantly, was able to finish a riveting adventure story, filled with unsettling portrayals of relationships, while on a romantic wine-tasting weekend. How does one do that? Instead of a cigarette, do you open right back to the page after a quick copulate? Or do you read while doing it, slow enough so you can turn the pages without ripping them?

I hope you, my readers, can shed some light on this. Or at least a booklight. Do tell.

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