09 November 2012

Dating Danger

A pause from writing is not usually a good thing (I’ve been unplogged – unplugged from blogs - for a while). Writing is a safe form of venting. Or is it?

Suffice it to say that dating has kept me dangerously busy. In a very good way.

On one of my recent dates, the subject of procrastination came up. Why do we put off unpleasant tasks, like returning the dreaded phone call, filing the court papers, or dealing with the administrative hassles of a name change? The answer, my Date says, is because we are thrill-seekers.

That’s right. The rush brought on by procrastination is too exhilarating for some to pass up. The feeling of bumping right up against…a deadline. Flirting with…disaster. Not completing…an important task…until the last possible second.

Straightforward life, right out of the bottle, may not be exciting enough for daring, intelligent, adventure-seekers. We need something more. Procrastination. Dating.

These two joined together offer an unforgettable combination. For example, keep that date waiting in the wings til he’s just about to give up, then give him exactly what he wants. Or string her along til she threatens to send a PI after you, and appear on her doorstep with a dozen roses. Or date him just long enough to fall madly in love with one of his friends.

Sound familiar? Dangerous Daters live on the edge.

Yes, you too can date daringly and dangerously. Why settle for Plain Life when you can have a Dangerous Dating Life instead?

Up, up and date away!

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