10 April 2015

Where Is It? Date

If you never know truth, you never know love.
~ The Black Eyed Peas

Are you wearing your humanity today?


  1. You should practice rule #1 better. Seems like you're slipping quite a bit ;)

  2. Thanks for reading and posting your comment! Writing is catharsis, not hatred. Namaste.

  3. The first choice that you make as a Christian when you decide to date on the web is actually to utilize a Christian relationship website to help you in your endeavour to find a spouse online. That is a great choice in itself. But are you experiencing any thought in regards to the Christian relationship website that you're about to invest your important buck on? There are probably hundreds and tens and thousands of Christian websites available on the internet nowadays and the number is increasing daily. Lahore Escort

  4. Yikes, "Unknown"! If you actually read my blog, you'd know that trying to sell any enlightened human on Christian dating is a losing proposition. As I pontificate in HypoChrist Date (24 September 2016 post), let's leave this sad chore to the bottom-feeders of society. The HypoChrists can have each other - and refrain from pro-creating, please!