15 June 2011

Dating Want Ad

Agent wrote my dating want ad. People have recommended I try match.com. Better than sitting home on a Friday night blogging...what do you think?

Come try out Dating Suburban! She is:
·         a non cumformist
·         no longer passive aggressive
·         low-maintenance on the wallet
·         sensitive
·         witty
·         intelligent (or smart enough to appear to be)
·         fuel efficient
·         but likes it when people cook for her
·         cumfortable
·         looks for beauty within
·         silky sexy voice
·         with intelligent and sexy thoughts
·         textaholic
·         with intelligent and sexy thoughts
·         athletic (so she says)
·         likes to challenge but I'm not sure if she likes to be challenged
·         may have some control issues or has some anxiety left over from a controlling water hording, vigilant recycler, ex husband
·         calls me Agent instead of agent.... and apparently that is a good thing

OK, you Dates, I am ready!

By the way readers, how do you like my Artist? He drew my pic for this ad. Pretty cool, huh?

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