17 January 2012

Couch Date

I’m not usually the jealous type. I don’t want to spend time, effort or energy worrying and wondering if my partner, girlfriend, kids, boss, or whoever is superseding, outdoing and cheating on me.

But admittedly I’m a tiny bit envious of the Couch Dater. This is the person who so easily plops down, relaxes and snuggles on a couch. As a supersonic, busy, high functioning mom, my butt never went anywhere near a couch anyway. Sitting down? I was lucky to relax in my office chair for 8 hours a day. But never a couch.

Couch Daters are a lucky breed. Couch Daters may sit up or get horizontal. Couch Daters may hold a glass of wine or aperitif. Couch Daters may use warm cozy blankets. Couch Daters may get cozy with another Couch Dater. They may choose to forego the TV for intimate conversation (go, Couch Daters!).

You need no prequalifications, advanced degree or trust fund to be a Couch Dater. You need no fancy car, career trajectory, athletic ability or family pedigree. Just. Be. You.

I have lovely memories of a Couch Date with my friend M. I’d had a particularly nasty day in court. M immediately suggested we meet out for a drink and then we retired to her couch. We sat opposite and talked. She and couch helped me feel so, much, better.

And M and I both agree that when you can share a male Couch Date, it’s also so nice to add a dash of Cuddle. I’m on the lookout. Couch Cuddlers are out there! I know it.

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