15 January 2012

Vacation Date

I know my dating life has hit rock bottom when I take my MOTHER on a romantic weekend to Palm Springs. A weekend I originally bought to give my “boyfriend” as a Christmas gift. But when the broken-toy-boyfriend pronounced that we would be spending $5 on our Christmas gifts this year, I realized I’d gone waaaayy over the edge. I didn’t care so much about the price tag; I wanted to go on a trip with good company!

So in the end, I never mentioned it to the broken toy guy, and invited my mother instead, who happened to have journeyed across the country to help me in my most recent time of crisis. That’s the best thing about mothers is... they are always your mother. And every human being on this earth has one, like it or not. A mother's love is for always. (That’s what I’ve told my kids to remember, since I'm losing them in custody court this week.)

Romance in a package
Our adventure trip – the “romance package” – included champagne, treats, jade bed massages, free coffee and movies in the jacuzzi under the stars. It also included twilight zone hotel episodes, a flat tire, AAA, exchanging rental cars at the airport and high (I mean high) winds. So while plans to lay by the pool and read about borderline personality disorder and Zen job searching flew out the window in the gusts, we still had an…adventure.

At least we got to vacate life for a while. 
Can’t we all use a break every once in a purple moon?

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