03 January 2012

Revised Dating Want Ad

My original dating want ad was not getting much action. What do you think of this one?
  • Craves adventure, cilantro and fine cheese.
  • Inspired by creativity, music, red wine and relationships.
  • Favorite spot is any beach with warm water and warm sand. Warm is a theme.
  • Would rather be reading or writing than talking to you, but can still hold an excellent conversation.
  • Boycotts mindless TV.
  • Smarty-pants.
  • Often outwits herself; too smart for own good.
  • Smart, yet impaired by her own judgment.
  • Willowy with honey-blonde locks, runners’ legs and ice blue eye. Other eye has been damaged.
  • Athletic; not competitive.
  • Expert laundry folder.
  • Loves cats and board games, but highly allergic.
  • Three wild banshees, or rather, children orbiting her 50% of time.
  • Sleeps other 50%.

1 comment:

  1. We can only stay so strong! Where are the men that know show strength these days?
    I was getting a pedicure this afternoon. I see this family of 3 highschool girls, the mom and the dad all have quality time getting pedicures and manicures, even the dad! I say to myself why can't I find a husband like this confident man. It put a smile on my face to see there are REAL MEN that can hang with the ladies. What a real treat!