02 July 2012

Victory Vacate Date

Summer is synonymous with vacation. And what vacate date could be more great than getting out of state?

I mean, California is nice and all…as long as you don’t mind surgically and genetically altered friends who come and go like herpes with each successive (or is it successful?) divorce, big gas guzzling grizzly cars that cost so much to run you’re upside down on your car payments, houses made from cardboard stuck together with Elmer’s school glue that easily fetch half a million dollars, and beach water so frigid that your sand stings hurt way more than jellyfish. Not that I’m not happy livin’ the CA dream or anything.
All that aside, CA is an okey-dokey place to live, if you don’t know any better and never plan to escape.
But getting out every once in a while, and taking a plane to places far, far away, can be rejuvenating.

Especially when you spend $10,000 to get a judge to say it’s okay. Yes, this actually happens to people. People like me.

Now that’s vacation!

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