02 June 2014

Baby Date

Did you ever go on a date to have a baby?
That’s right. You heard me.

You reached that point in life when it was TIME. The next Dater in your path was your target. You were ready to bring another human being into the world, and all you needed was the perfect partner.

You had unprotected sex, careless sex, and you were fine with the fact that you two might become parents.

Were you married? Maybe. Maybe not. No matter! Marriage is certainly not a prerequisite to becoming a parent. In fact, there are very few prerequisites. Perhaps, for our own protection and sanity, there should be a more challenging admissions process.

Making the baby is the easy part, the fun part. You probably weren’t thinking altogether too clearly in the heat of the moment, when it seemed like such a fabulous idea.

They don’t come with a detailed instruction manual – or even a quick-start guide. Kids are not made-to-order. Even genetics doesn’t guarantee what you’ll get. The recipe doesn’t come out as planned. But then again, does life ever go as planned? Mine certainly hasn’t.

So if you’ve already had Baby Date, make the best of it. And if you’re contemplating the idea…well…you’ve seen the warning label. Kids will ruin your life and you’ll love them more than anything you’ve ever imagined.

Or, you could just dry hump instead.

~ “There are many routes to joy. Most of them are detours.” ~

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