24 June 2014

F-Word Date

My favorite F word is…free.
You may have been thinking I’d say something else.
Well, I like that one too.
But here’s why FREE is so important to me.

I live in America, which boasts a tagline of “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.”
Pass the bubbly!
And I used to actually believe I lived in a free country: free speech, freedom of press – freedom to make choices given the many options available to us lucky Americans.

Guess what? 
Once you sign a marriage contract, you are not free. And if your partner decides you’re not worth their love and divorces you, you will never be free again. That’s because a once-upon-a-time marriage gone sour gives license for the other person to torture you, for the rest of their lives.

It's all fun and games...til someone loses a kid.

If you have kids and a house, forget it.
You might as well jump off the Empire State Building right now, because the hell you will live through makes this free-fall sound very attractive. You’ll be free-falling anyway, but not in fresh New York air like you would if you just jumped.

This kind of free-fall is a fall from your freedom.
If your spouse is especially idiotic (Tom, Laura) and takes you to court, you may as well flee the country. The courtroom is no place anyone in their right mind wants to be; except Tom and Laura apparently like it. They feel at home with authoritarian small-minded bureaucrats, who allow kidnapping of children, because setting the children free would generate more paperwork than these automatons are already pushing.

Take my freedom = heart amputation
The children will eventually claim their own freedom, but not under the court’s crooked crossed eye. And when they do, I recommend you jump, because hitting the pavement hard will feel better than the blow you’re gonna get.

Live Free or Die, says the state of New Hampshire. I don’t live there, but I love it.
Freedom, and groove, are in the heart.

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