14 February 2015

Destined Date

Mugshot of your heart
If you go on a date consumed with how you will establish your superiority, you’ve destined the date to flop. I don’t give a puss if you’re always right. Or really knowledgeable about habits of small dogs. If you spend our precious time together ensuring I will come away with the feeling that you’re better than something, you’ve missed the mark of humanity.

I want to know about you, faults and all, and what brings you passion. I want to know your strong and weak parts, because that shows me you are balanced. I’m not impressed by how much you can bench at the gym, or how many TV shows you’ve watched in your lifetime, or even the size of your…paycheck. But I am impressed if you’re nice to me. And if you linger a little longer in bed, or listen for a moment before you bring me a steaming mug of coffee.

It’s easy to dote on you when you don’t prove me wrong in every area of life. Fine, you’re better at geometry. And I’m an excellent speller. And after that, grades don’t matter. But how you treat people matters more than you fathomed.

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