02 May 2011

Four-Headed Date Monster

the male perspective
By Agent (guest contributor)

Also known as: 
What has eight eyes, ten children and six sworn enemies?

I have been officially divorced for over six months now.   I started hearing “Are you dating yet?” and “I know someone I would like to set you up with” about that same time.  Of course, all of these people were either married or going out with someone.  When I hear these words I become divided.  One half of me is excited about the possibility of meeting someone that I really connect with and the other half of me is scared that I won’t and go down another relationship worm hole.   

I am not even sure if dating is the best way to meet someone.  It can be a very uncomfortable situation probably because they are nervous and or trying to impress.  So when Dating Suburban wanted to set me up with Fiery Fiona I suggested that I bring a friend and we do something very casual.  The first time we tried to do this it was somewhat of an epic fail.  Rude Rick cancelled at the last minute and I was a little out of it for reasons I would rather not say (reference Triple Date if you want to know why).  But between my trips to the bathroom and my abrupt departure I did get to know Dating Suburban and Fiery Fiona a little better….. enough so to write this blog and let them read it. 

If there is one thing I have learned in my relatively short life is that relationships usually take time to develop.  You need to get past that outer shell that everyone has before you REALLY get to know the person.  I don’t think these shells are intentional; it’s just how we all are, and some shells are thicker than others.  Fortunately for me, the two of them were willing to give me a second chance.  This time my friend (a different one I might add) North Sea Mike C made it.  In fact he was the first one there and got us a table as soon as we all arrived.  Great start in my opinion. 

Having four of us there made conversation easy and there were only two moments of awkward silence.  Not bad for a 2 hour and 45 minute date.  The talking ratio wasn’t quite balanced:
·         North Sea Mike C = 65%
·         Agent (me) = 25%
·         Ladies = 10%. 

I think the ladies could have been a little higher on this but it seemed OK since they were laughing a lot and both have very nice laughs.  That’s very important.  My friend and I even learned something new about each other – we grew up in back-asswards upstate NY suburbs.  The atmosphere was relaxed and I would definitely like to do something with this group again.  Although I think a BBQ would be totally out of the question based on everyone’s meat cooking preference.   

Date Awards:

·         North Sea Mike C gets the MVP of the date for his great ability to tell a story and make us all laugh.  And if you ever want to get baptized - in the North Sea - Mike C is the one to talk to. 
·         Agent gets the award for most improved.  It would be hard not to improve on his last dating effort. 
·         Fiery Fiona gets the congeniality award for her great laugh and smile
·         Dating Suburban gets the Purple Heart award. Her favorite color is purple, and apparently she was sick and had a sore throat.

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