22 May 2011


This date is the kind you never imagine - in your wildest dreams - you'll have…and then when you do it’s so, unbelievably awesome.

Everything about this Sundate made me happy. It was on a Sunday - a day once known as a day of leisure. The sun was shining. It involved watching some soccer, a sport I love. And it involved some really excellent, quality people. Plus, I got to travel and stay over in a nice hotel.

The night before Sundate, otherwise known as Saturday evening, we went out to dinner for Sundate’s birthday. To a chain restaurant, but I didn’t even care (see Backslide Date for my true feelings about chain restaurant lovers). We celebrated Sundate’s birthday, and it felt like the entire place was in on the celebration. A gang hang and sang with us and shared the birthday cake. I sat next to Sundate, and I couldn’t stop hugging him.

For the first time in 9 whole months, I had Sundate all to myself. No rivalry or siblings to interfere. Sundate had my undivided attention, which is nearly impossible to come by these divorce-infused, split custody days.

There were a couple “minor” red flags on this date that I’m sure you, dear reader, will gladly overlook. OK, I’ll admit, I did kiss a minor, in a king-size bed. But we didn’t do anything else illegal, I swear. (I’ve done a lot under oath lately – see Court Date for more info on that.) Sundate and I got to eat, sleep and drive together. May sound slightly mundane but…

You never know how amazingly wonderful a Sundate will be…until your just turning 9-year-old son is taken from you in a full-blown custody war…and then you get him back, uncontested, for a whole, entire night and day.

The. Best. Date. Ever.

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